An Investigative Agency that was establish over 10 years ago to provide private Investigations in Guyana

Due to the fact that we get a lot of Due Diligence Investigations through our Sister site, we decided to separate our Due Diligence Service from the rest of our investigations.

We feel that since all of our Guyana Due Diligence cases are being subcontract to us through other investigative companies throughout the world that we should allow Clients to deal with us Directly and not through a third party agency, allowing us to give the client to deal with the first party and save fees that they have to pay to these other agencies that send the case to us and claim that they did the work.

So if you need Due Diligence work done in Guyana, you can deal with us first hand as we are the only company in Guyana that does Due Diligence.

So save some money and stop paying other investigation companies that contract the work out to us.

We are here for you.

Blackhawk Guyana Due Diligence