Blackhawk Guyana Due Diligence Services.


 Gather company registration and shareholder details
 Verify the company’s address and obtain photographs of its main office and branches, if any
 Ascertain business activities
 Identify affiliates and subsidiaries in which the principal/proprietor is listed as an officer
 Search and procure litigation filings in which principal(s) or its subsidiaries have been named as either a plaintiff or defendant.
 Conduct business credit and financial checks and determine standing with tax authority
 Search for liens, judgments, bankruptcies or notices of default
 Determine whether any regulatory authority has disciplined the subject company
 Search local media and Internet, as well as government watch lists, for any derogatory information
 Gauge business reputation, either through contacts provided by AG, or through references independently developed during the investigation


 Collect and confirm personal information such as:
 Date and place of birth
 National identification information
 Previous/current residences/related addresses
 Undertake real and personal assets inquiries
 Substantiate business affiliations and associations
 Photograph the residences of any and all principals
 Obtain criminal history and civil litigation, as well as related records
 Scrutinize financial data such as personal bankruptcy, liens and tax standing
 Corroborate job history and education
 Screen principal(s) in local media and Internet sources, as well as in international watch lists
 Evaluate business affiliations and community reputation
 Interview references to ascertain personal and professional reputation